Reduce Reuse Recycle

Cheers! Job done...
Cheers! Job done…
Box clever
Box clever

UrbanSafari Productions were instrumental in introducing recyclable cups to the popular surf and music festival GOLDCOAST OCEANFEST in Croyde this year. ‘Sourcing and designing a solution to reduce our landfill impact is paramount in our operation.’ said Managing Director Warren Latham, ‘we’re even more passionate about it than picking plastic out the sea!’ Working to ensure we responsibly reduce our impacts and importantly recycle means all the good intentions spent saving our planet is less of a burden on our pockets and importantly we break the cycle of burying the problem in landfill sites around the country.

Another collaboration was with local packing specialist Atlas. Being one of the most well equipped corrugated sheet plants in the country Atlas brought the solution to recycling bins at the GoldCoast with a specialised branded bin that is stored flat packed and opens out for use when needed.